I Wanna Be Like Jesus

Jul 12

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with not accomplishing all that you expect of yourself in a given day? Furthermore, do you get caught up in what you feel like others expect out of you, thus causing frustration in your life? This has been a deep struggle for me.
Let’s draw encouragement and perspective from the life of Jesus.


Jesus was conceived of the Holy Ghost and placed in the care of Mary, his mother, and Joseph, his earthly father. (Luke 2) They were given the responsiblity of bringing him up and training him. It has always puzzled me how we only see one view of him from the time he was dedicated (Luke 2:22-38) to the time He was baptized of John at 30 years of age (Luke 3:23). This snapshot view was at 12 years old as they went on their yearly trip into Jerusalem for the feast of the Passover (Luke 2:41-49). We see a pattern of submission and servitude from the verses following his response of “How is it that ye sought me? wist ye not that I must be about my Father’s business?” which was no doubt carried on throughout his life.


My question is – what did Jesus’ life consist of during the “in-between” years?


  • He gave of Himself in service to His Heavenly Father and His earthly family (Luke 2:52)
  • He honored his mother and earthly Father (Luke 2:51)
  • He was a positive  influence on His siblings (Acts 1:14)
  • His success wasn’t based on the view of others, but on the Will of the Father. (John 6:38)


How can we put these observations of Jesus into practice in our daily lives?

  • We can purpose to serve all those God brings into our lives with an humble and joyful spirit.
  • God’s Word places a special blessing on all those who will honor and obey their parents – they will live long on the earth (Eph. 6:1-3)
  • Our involvement and influence in the lives of our siblings can either be powerfully positive or degrading and negative. We can choose to use each moment spent with our siblings as an opportunity to invest into their lives thus reaping wonderful rewards of friendship and closeness with them.
  • To the world, you may seem unsuccessful. But as long as you are following God’s Will, God will be pleased and you will be successful in the eyes of the ONE who really counts.


Oh, how I wanna be like Jesus! Do you?


  1. Sarah /

    Such a good post! I’ve found myself struggling in these areas-stressing myself out trying to keep up with life and the expectations of others. My prayer lately has been, Lord, just help me to be more like you and do Your will,

  2. This is so true. As wives and mothers we must show our children how to serve and be more like Jesus would have ua to be.

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