New Year Goals

Jan 13

I have always loved the beginning of the new year for several different reasons. One reason is my excitement for what the year would hold and also my goals to accomplish throughout the year. Sad to say, but many of my goals went no further than the ink on the paper. Do you have the same sentiment? Now we ask, “What does it take to get goals from paper to practice?”
I believe there are several steps that will help us in this area.


First of all, prayerfully consider how your goals stand in accordance to God’s Will and Word. Psalm 119:105 says, ” Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.” 
Many times we run into trouble when we make up a list of “MY goals” without considering what is God’s goals for us and our future. We must change our goals to match what His are for us.
Secondly, recognize the deficiency of character that is causing you to procrastinate in accomplishing these goals. A lot falls under the category and character of self-discipline. Prioritizing, accountability, & time management are basic areas of need in most. By submitting to Christ’s lordship, we have the power through Him to gain control over self. In doing this we start implementing discipline which is defined as a training that corrects, molds, and perfects the mental faculties or moral character. When we put self and discipline together, we see that it is the ability to make yourself do things that should be done. May God help us to learn self-discipline in each area of our lives.
Thirdly, make an intentional plan of action in accomplishing your goals.
This year, I have set my goals in the perspective of weeks and months. One reason for this is to keep me accountable in following through with goals instead of adapting the mindset that I still have a year to accomplish it. For goals to be followed through with, there must be a plan that comes into play. For example, you say “I want to lose 10 pounds by Thanksgiving”. Okay, there is a deadline which is a necessary element in goals, but where is the plan? Instead you would say, “I will discipline myself in limiting my portions of food consumption in order to lose 10 pounds by Thanksgiving.” There is a plan required for the goal to be accomplished.
In closing, my mind is drawn to Paul’s testimony in Philippians 3:14 which says, “I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.” That word press is defined to urge forward with force. May we with urgency of the hour accomplish God’s goals in God’s time and way.

How have you implemented goals in your life so far? Please comment.


  1. I’ve started this year off praying about my future I’m only 15 but I believe God has called me to a ministry I’m just not sure what yet and I want to be a strong enough christian to do whatever he has called me to do. My hearts desire is to see revival and I believe the only way to have revival is to pray and read your Bible and be dedicated to serving God. I’ve been focusing on putting God first in everything its so easy to get caught up in everyday life that you forget about God.

    • Joanna Martin /

      Thank you, Brianna, for your openness to God and His will for your life. You won’t go wrong seeking after God for He will bring to pass what is best for you both now and eternity. May God bless you on this wonderful adventure of growing closer to God.

  2. I have been praying about Gods will for my life. I am called to be a pastors wife . I am trying to become more like Christ in every way that I can! :) Thank you for this post Joanna :)

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