New Year Goals

Jan 13

I have always loved the beginning of the new year for several different reasons. One reason is my excitement for what the year would hold and also my goals to accomplish throughout the year. Sad to say, but many of my goals went no further than the ink on the paper. Do you have the same sentiment? Now we ask, “What does it take to get goals from paper to...

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A Change of Mentality

Jul 14

Since I wrote the last post on Brothers or Boyfriends, I have been made more aware of how necessary this topic is to address. If we aren’t careful, the devil can turn God’s design for our lives into a source of defeat. God has put inside each godly young lady a desire to be loved and cherished by a godly young man. Yet, we have begun to feel guilty that...

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Brothers or Boyfriends

Jun 29

The title of this post may be somewhat confusing to you now, but I pray The Lord will anoint me to communicate what He has been teaching me lately on this topic. What are your motives, actions, and attitudes in relation to your friendships with the young men in your life? 1. Are you friendly or flirty? 2. Do you seek to encourage or impress? 3. Do you have a God-ward...

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Give Thanks

Nov 21

  Hem your blessings with thankfulness so they don’t unravel. In order to keep our focus on the real meaning of Thanksgiving, we are implementing an idea we found a little while ago. This is our thankful tree. Each day we are to put different things we are thankful for. Just to mention a few: “I’m thankful for the character and integrity of...

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Canada- here we come!

Jun 19

We are on our way to Canada. We will be preaching a campmeeting at an Indian Reserv this week. We are excited about this new door of ministry. Please keep us in your prayers. We took these pictures this morning. We are so blessed to have such wonderful parents. I won’t be able to post this week because of being out of the country. God bless...

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May 24

I just came back from a delightful trip to town with my mom and 3 younger sisters. We have started a Tuesday fun time together. Sometimes it gets moved around, but we try our hardest to stick to it. It has been so refreshing to lay aside all the busyness (believe me, we have plenty of it!) of life for a few hours, and enjoy each other. On our way, Mom...

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